Gonna try to keep this list up to date best I can


CSS / Styles

Component/Template Demos / Concepts

  • In this other post
    • Effects
    • Loading Remote Data
    • Forms / Inputs
    • Resources
  • Modifiers via the ember-modifier README -- probably the most comprehensive introduction to modifiers atm.

Patterns / Concepts

Starter Repos / Apps (needs READMEs / instructions for tooling setup)

  • Polaris
  • Polaris + Toucan (Polaris + tailwind, using the Toucan design system tailwind preset)
  • Vite - lightning fast boot and rebuild times, at the cost of compatibility with existing projects
  • Tauri - example of how to use Tauri with Ember.

Custom Blueprints

  • vitest - since vitest only runs in node, this is only useful for testing non-browser things
  • complex blueprint - the v2 addon blueprint -- lots of flags / behaviors, generates multiple packages/projects

Example Apps

Originally posted here on the Ember Forums -- there is some additional discussion there as well.